About Us

About Us
ReplaceWorld.com is a platform built for the Next Generation, starting campaigns and working together to drive solutions. At ReplaceWorld we are committed to the idea that technology can change the world for the better.
Our Campaign
#BoycottMadeInChina - Replace Chinese Products - A global web movement.
US, Europe, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, India.... are in Trade/Political/Border war with China. The whole world is fighting against Covid, But China is pushing its borders. China wants to take Advantage. China with its money power is driving many countries into bankruptcy. Timing is Everything For China.
Stop Dependency on Chinese products. Stop virtually financing the current military bullying in Indian, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong Borders and the South China Sea. Stop China Domination and from becoming a SuperPower.
Can't Use Bullet Force then Use WALLET FORCE.
“Wallet Power - Use it to Boycott Made in China Software in a week - Hardware in a year” - Sonam Wangchuk
We appeal to people worldwide to boycott Chinese products and be vocal for local. Millions of people are working together to make change at the local, national, and global level. RepublicWorld is the United Might of the people working together to Create/drive solutions for Replacing Made in China Apps or Products. It's not a journey of one day or a month, but a Revolution to develop indigenous solutions for replacing one by one.
The Choice is yours!
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