Zoom, the video meeting app that has become very popular across the globe during the Coronavirus pandemic has been criticized for its privacy and corporate data sharing policies, as well as enabling video hosts to potentially violate the privacy of those participating in their calls. From schools and officials to various governments, people have been asked to refrain from using the app. Zoom video-conferencing app was banned and was declared as not a safe platform by many countries.

There are loads of non-Chinese apps with 0% trust issues like Google meet, Skype, Jiomeet, Cicsowebex etc. that can be used instead of the Zoom app to help with your video calling needs.

Google Meet: Android link and iOS link

Skype: Android link and iOS link

Jiomeet: Android link and iOS link

Cisco WebEx: Android link and iOS link

App Info

  • App Name :Zoom
  • IOS Link :link
  • Playstore Link :link
  • App Category :Technology
  • App Country :China